We offer a set of tools designed to help build alliances between people of similar or differing viewpoints on any given topic. Our initial topic happened to be related to the war between Iraq and the United States.

  • The number of potential topics that people can engage in is limitless
  • These tools can be used in a public setting such as a local train station.
  • Also in one-on-one interactions with friends, family, colleagues or that one person whom you "can't stand because of their opinion on such-and-such topic."

Training consists of one or more participatory workshop-type programs in which we

  • Describe our approach in detail including what has been effective.
  • What the challenges have been.
  • Teach how to set up your own "Public Listening Project".
  • Practice our listening techniques.

Some participants have joined us at the train station to both observe and to practice these techniques in public.

If you are interested in arranging a group training
for 6 or more people you can contact us at:


Costs are nominal (travel plus a small stipend) but please let us know if finances are an issue.

We are committed to making these valuable tools available to everyone.

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