Our names are Dan and Trey. We are two friends who, during the buildup toward war with Iraq in the fall of 2002, felt that not enough people were talking about this vital issue. We thought that such an action, which surely would cost our nation money and lives, merited discussion among Americans of all political persuasions.

It is our belief that people do their own best thinking when they are listened to with respect. We decided, as concerned citizens, to create a forum for discussion on the topic of war and all related issues. We have conducted this project without the sponsorship of any political group.


Many people call us
'Good Americans'
for doing this.

After observing us for over an hour, one young woman said she did not approve of some of the anti-war demonstrators she had witnessed in San Francisco, because they had turned violent and become what they had claimed to be against.

She said we were "doing it the right way by treating people with respect."